At St. Francis we believe that to grow in our faith, we must be active in our faith, and a vital component of that action is learning. In addition to our weekly church services, we offer several small group learning opportunities.

Sunday School
Sunday School for adults is offered at 9am. Adult Christian Education meets in the Parish Hall and is a time where we spend time discussing what it means to live as a faithful person in today’s society by examining how the Gospel is alive and is speaking to us today. We look at faith through the lens of ethics, theology, Bible, Book of Common Prayer, current issues, and other topics. We’ve used specific books, videos, diocesan studies, and music.

Education for Ministry
EfM is a four-year theological education program. Participants commit to one year at a time, and meet weekly in seminars led by a trained mentor. Over the four years, participants study the Bible, church history, and theology, while learning to engage in theological reflection. This provides a solid education in the foundations of our Christian faith. EfM is for lay persons. The presumption is that one is not participating with the expectation of seeking ordination. We all receive the call to Christ's ministry when we are baptized, and EfM provides the foundations of a theological education in order to develop knowledge and confidence about the ministry we all share. If you would like more information about EfM, please contact the church office.